Underpunks RPG

Underpunks RPG
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The Underpunks RPG A traditional, text-based RPG using NFTs as proof of ownership for all tools, weapons, shops, dungeons, followers and more. WAX Wallets are used to deliver quest rewards, prizes and giveaways. From the surreal mind of Jaydz Deveraux, THE UNDERPUNKS campaign is a lost underground world hidden deep under a 1980s retro-futuristic cyberpunk city. The Underpunks RPG is entirely supported by our devoted and loyal Patrons. 0% commission on resales. Dev doesn't sell NFTs. Hype free. Best community in NFT gaming. NFT profits belong to our in-game; shire owners, land owners and adventurers. → patreon.com/JaydzDev → twitter.com/JaydzDev
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