Wax Burner NFT

Wax Burner NFT
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I created this collection as a way to say thanks for collecting my art by backing my 2 limited edition series of 10 each backed by 1, and 6 wax each(or more). This NFT collection is just art generated by greentime1. Each NFT will always at least hold its face value(in wax), or rise (hopefully), when other collectors and artists back my(or theirs if bought) NFTs with more wax. (1) NFT from the cube template contains enough wax to refund (more than) the 5 wax it takes to open a new wax account. If burned here's what will happen: (burned=deleted from your account, and not owned by you anymore.) The NFTs will then refund you 6 wax. I'm hoping you will see one for sale, and buy it for slightly more than they are worth to pay for my time, ingenuity, creativity and value I've added, and invested into this collection. There are also fees I will have to pay that reflects my asking price, and my bottom line for operating this collection in a not for profit fashion. Any NFT from this collection would also make a great gift to the person who showed you wax.atomichub.io and helped you open a wallet for instance. You could also consider receiving one as a "Yes you did!" from a friend who admirers your work. Hopefully you also buy them for yourself to add a custom ammount of wax to increase their value. I can add that manually if you contact me on Twitter, just search­čöÄhttps://www.twitter.com/_greentime or comment to any greentime.org blog posts. You can also email [email protected] for more private requests. Then next NFT template is the "wax melter" it's NFTs contains at least 1 wax. You can buy one(or more if available) of only 10 also. Perhaps you can find your own use for it. Just DON'T BURN them!!! The 3rd NFT is a promo nft to promote the sales of the rarer ones. They start at slightly more than .001 to 100 wax. They will be reserved for those who want them minted on demand with any ammount in an ever increasing amounts of wax backed format of .1 wax more per NFT for 1000 total. Hopefully buyers will burn them to get the wax value back as needed or hold in hopes of others burning their NFTs first making their holdings more rare and more desirable by low mint collectors and first time collectors alike that want to minimize their risk of buying a shady NFT attached to a game or dapp full of promises and roadmaps. "These NFTs will hold their value." This is the only promise they make to any speculators. Make sure to check for wax backed tokens, my way of saying thanks for your admiration of my collection. The amount of wax backed tokens my rise at random levels, and NFTs will be priced randomly also.
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