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The vision behind the Waxel World is to create NFTs that populate the world by starting with the Waxel Ninja continent. Imagine the Waxel Ninja continent in which new resources are gathered such as ore, crop, wood, fish and more in order to create new items such as tools, weapons, armours, buildings and more. We want to create a complete ecosystem where every asset created has a purpose and is more than “just” a collectible. Waxel Ninjas are the first settlers of the Waxel World who arrived on the Ninja continent. Now they need your help in order to search for new citizens so they can populate the new settlements, learn a new profession in order to gather materials and craft the first items. The Waxel Ninjas collectible is one of the first generative collectibles with different animations for rarities ever on the blockchain. It consists of 10,000 unique NFTs that are generated through a programmatic approach out of over 234 million different combinations. Each Waxel Ninja was generated out of a set of 75 different traits which are split into 10 different categories. Each Waxel Ninja will be integrated as the core in our play to earn game, the Waxel World. You could compare the functionality of the Waxel Ninjas to “Land Plots”, that most people know from other NFT games. --> Grab your Waxel Ninja pack here <-- Homepage Discord Twitter Instagram Telegram group Telegram news feed YouTube TikTok Facebook Pinterest
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