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|||Welcome to WoodExchange||| THE WHY : . WoodExchange is a NFT collection based on wood. We're focusing on delivering NFT in relation with wood aspect throught atomichub. HOW CAME THE IDEA ? : . We are playing on immersys.io, a P2E adventure game. We are hunting and we are providing collection NFT inside the game. As you probably know wood is a major point regarding game. We can build lot of think with wood, that's why we've decided to create the WoodExchange. WHERE I CAN FIND YOUR NFT : Come harvest Wood NFTs in immersys.io Start hunting and collect NFT. You can use them, spawn them, buy them or sell them. Welcome to the metaverse. WHAT IS THE ROAD MAP : The purpose of this collection is to put more staff in the game. .The fisrt step was to make Shield collection and implement the 3D inside the game > DONE . The second step is the Surfboard branch > DONE. You can contact me and personalize your own Surfboard . The third step, is to make an award nft . the fourth step is to make a WoodCoin CAN I EXCHANGE WOOD ? Once you have Birch logs, Spruce logs NFTs from the game you can exchange them for some NFTs from my collection in a store front in the immersys game. This collection is under counstruction. Is our first line NFTs and we hope it will being added to the game as wearables and spawnables. The sell items will give us money in order to put items on immersive.io. https://hastektwitch2.wixsite.com/woodexchange Follow us on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/hastek Discord channel: https://discord.gg/NdRw5kKT website: https://hastektwitch2.wixsite.com/woodexchange
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