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WELCOME TO Amnesty Hunting Reserves! ​You are about to embark upon Reserve 2, a treacherous planet with equally dangerous inhabitants, known as the “X”. The X has two forms, a humanoid form, and a beast form. If an X feels intimidated or is startled, it will morph into its beast form. X in beast form can reach tremendous sizes, the largest recorded to date was approximately two hundred stories tall, with an estimated weight of one hundred megatons. Reserve 2 has no safe zones, supply depots, or on-site Amnesty personnel. To enter Reserve 2, you must either hold a G-9 Class license or be accompanied by a G-9 Class holder. Amnesty Experts recommend H-Series weapons or higher. Note: "Build", "Manufacturing", "Construction" and "Upgrade" gamification is based on card-blending and pack opening and is not playable with our own smart contracts.
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