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To summarize, We are going to launched an NFT project (BeerBot Club) on November 24th that works like a membership to a club, mainly located in Venezuela. Where we use big part of the funds (70%) to invest on other projects and tools to generate revenue to be automatic distributed to the holders directly to their wallets by an airdrop for each NFT. We already have one project which is an artificial intelligence crypto trading bot, that analyzes social media to predict the trends of cryptocurrencies and trades them for profit automatically in Binance using the API. This profit is going to be automatically distributed to the holders. Also the club organize meetups and networking, with free beer 🍻 with the holders to create new projects to be included into the BeerBot Club Portfolio and generate more revenue. We are on early stages, building from zero our community, but with strong compromise to build new projects using the automatization from smart contracts and other decentralized tools and protocols.
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