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2000 survivors, 1 collection 🦠🛸 Pioneers in the world of NFTs with liquidity support for their holdings ASTERFI is a unique NFT collection that combines the value of cryptocurrency investments with the collectability of NFTs. With a limited edition of 2000 NFTs, ASTERFI is the first project of its kind to offer a cash flow stream for each NFT in the collection. By investing a portion of the mint price of each NFT in a diverse portfolio of 10 cryptocurrencies, ASTERFI aims to capitalize on market bull runs and drive long-term value growth for each NFT. In addition to the cash flow component, ASTERFI NFTs also feature unique and visually stunning artwork, adding to their collectible value. the ASTERFI team focuses on increasing the cash flow of each NFT through proposals and initiatives presented through the use of DAOs. This allows NFT holders to vote on and influence the direction of their investments. Learn more about Asterfi at
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