The Spooky Collection - Act 1

The Spooky Collection - Act 1
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Act 1 - Spooky Birds As long as a Spooky Birds has been transacted above 0.5 ETH; the buyer and the seller will get a Spooky Candy Drop each. Eg: Alex sells a Spooky Bird at 0.1 ETH (below 0.5 ETH) to Sandy. Sandy then sells the Spooky Bird at 0.5 ETH and above to Jack. Jack holds the Spooky Bird until the snapshot day. Both Sandy and Jack will be eligible to Spooky Candy drop. Spooky Candy: Spooky Birds will be the entry point to the entire Spooky Birds Ecosystem, with Candies being the second act of the Spooky Birds Ecosystem; bridging Spooky Birds to the final drop, Zombie Birds. Drop by our medium to find out how Spooky Birds can claim their Candies:
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