Wincity Paris Grande Chaumiere

Wincity Paris Grande Chaumiere
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Discover the first Real Estate Fantasy game in Europe. Wincity lets you tokenize real estate: grab real estate NFTs, backed by real estate. The technology used is the smart contract on Ethereum, based on the blockchain with one particularity: the NFTs representing real estate make direct reference by their assets to very real land properties owned by Wincity. For each physical property Wincity owns, the company issues precisely 1111 unique and numbered cards, registered as NFTs. A limited number of collectible cards are allocated to each property: 1000 “Regular” cards, 100 “Rare” cards, 10 “Mythic” cards, and 1 “Unique” card. Once acquired, a real estate NFT from Wincity gives you the right to monthly gains indexed to the rent collected on the corresponding real estate. Like a digital Monopoly, Wincity allows you to create a collection of profitable properties!
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