It All Started Somewhere

It All Started Somewhere
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"See Website for 1/1 Pieces" As the world revolves around the sun, humans keep building. Structures greater and more spectacular than the other. Higher and higher we build, the sky is the limit. Yet, we as a species have changed so little. We still have a tailbone yet no tail, we still wear jeans with a pocket-watch pocket, yet we have no pocket watch. Thus sometimes, we tend to outgrow ourselves, and especially outbuild ourselves. However the desire to build the greatest and most advanced structures, is what makes us unique. Which is what this collection captures. From metal structures to marble masterpieces, these photographs tell the story of how we as humans, built such incredible wonders on this little planet of ours. All photographs are mine and 100% authentic. For inquiries and questions, please reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram. Thank you for being here!
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