Playing Chess by ArinaBBxAi

Playing Chess by ArinaBBxAi
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Playing Chess by ArinaBB x AI is a collection that represents the artist’s relationship with a constantly changing world. This collection began with a hand-painted acrylic piece on canvas that I ran through AI to create 420 variations, each a different reflection of me playing chess with individual collectors. Each one of these variations is a unique 1/1, which means that no other artwork exactly like this will ever be created again. The use of AI is also symbolic of this piece as well because keeping up with trends and technology is an important part of the chess game that we artists play with one another. Art is not just what we do with our hands, it is what comes from our souls. Words are art, in both poems and prompts. Technology itself is art, and it can also be a useful tool to help us become creative in new ways, or expand our existing creations. New tools are not a threat, they are an opportunity to make the game a little bit more interesting.
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