Happy Huskies NFT DAO

Happy Huskies NFT DAO
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333 Alpha Passes granting access to the best, and arguably one of the most valuable, Alpha Groups you’ve never heard of (until now). Holders get access to almost 10 Callers from various parts of web3 with varied experience, theory and risk tolerances. Find the calls that fit your philosophy, or expand your experiences, and start making trades. Holders are part of our DAO which will include: • Community Alpha Plays – Holders will vote on calls made in our server and use Community Funds to make plays. All profits go back into the Community Fund and distributed as prizes to holders • Husky Handouts – Apply to receive eth to make a trade. If you’re profitable, keep all of it. Well played! • Giveaways – Constant supply of holder only giveaways. We have incredible connections and collab managers to bring high end WL spots to our holders…and some degen ones too
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