"Like a Brush" by Julien Durix

"Like a Brush" by Julien Durix
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Like A Brush is Julien Durix’s first digital art collection and is illustrated by the genesis of every painter’s artwork: the paintbrush. The collection is composed of 728 3D animated paint brushes created and hand drawn by Durix. Those come in a selective range of materials and colors, creating unique but diverse variations. In a constant search of innovation and renewal, Durix has introduced a burn mechanism to the collection in order to bridge digital art and physical art. Each holder will have the choice to burn their NFT in exchange for an original physical Durix artwork, upon several burn windows over 3 years. This burn mechanism is “progressive”. The value of the claimable artwork will increase at each burn window. There are 3 burn windows to collect the exclusive physical artworks: the first one will open 3 months post mint, the second after 1 year and the third after 3 years.
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