Polarys Polar Bears

Polarys Polar Bears
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Claim your Bears here (❄️,🐻) Polar.Bears is a unique 5K PFP collection curated by Polarys. Each PolarBear unlocks private club membership and additional benefits the longer you hold them. Only claimable if you hold a Polarys Genesis NFT. 5,000 Polar Bears have broken out of their icy cave and are now roaming around the Ethereum network. They do not only have their own cave for upcoming alphas but also unlock perks that are still deep in the iceberg and need to thaw. 1554 cute bears have already found their new home with Polarys genesis NFT holders. It seems like 1 genesis NFT allows 2 Polar Bears freemints. You can still claim yours at Polarys.ai Join Private Alpha Bears Channel Polarys brings utility NFTs to everyday businesses. Our first product is live at Polarys.ai.
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