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This is the second edition of my MAP series titled 😕/THE CREATION OF GM3.0. This piece draws inspiration from “The Creation of Adam” getting memefi’d by yours truly by encompassing recent meme cultures within the WEB3 space like GM, feetpix.wtf, asspix.wtf plus some cats. MAP’s First edition just minted out approx 57k pieces using an OE (open edition) format which gave out 25 amazing holders confirmed AL spots for 😕/THE CREATION OF GM3.0, while the remainder will be FCFS (First come First serve) basis. This edition will be in limited quantity with only 169 pieces and from here onwards, we explore deeper into chartering MAP together, finding our own path as a community and collective. I am truly grateful for the response thus far and am excited to show the space what my years of experience can create and deliver to y’all.
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