Fade Away Bunny Main Collection

Fade Away Bunny Main Collection
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Fade Away Bunny Collection (https://www.fadeawaybunny.com) is an NFT project that the Manga Token (https://mangatoken.org) team is launching in collaboration with Shiori Kawana (https://twitter.com/shiorikawana), a Japanese model turned manga artist.This NFT collection is based on the actual Fade Away Bunny manga series (~200 episodes) published by Shiori, which has held the throne as the #1 Dark themed title on the LINE Manga reader app. FAB is a novel project designed to create a new $PILL economy entirely run by the community. Using $PILL bunny owners can breed new bunnies with different traits with the potential to generate more $PILL. Furthermore 10% of the initial sale & 50% of all resale commissions on Opensea will be channeled into a Floor Price Fund (https://docs.fadeawaybunny.com/economy/usdmanga-floor-price-fund) dedicated to buy back $MANGA tokens to burn if the price falls below a certain threshold.
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