Alpha Bots by Metagascar

Alpha Bots by Metagascar
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The Metaverse is open, and the rocketships of explorers have been dispatched! The first MetaIsland to be discovered by the Alpha Explorer "Meta" has been dubbed Metagascar. Here you will find a thriving community of unique MetaHumans who reside in their equally unique MetaHomes. On the island of Metagascar you will find various facet's of social activity including friendship, dating, and of course what island would be complete without messages in a bottle! Alpha Bots are Metaverse ready 3D characters, Alpha Bots will be playable in Metagascar metaverse, each Alpha Bot comes with a plot of land in the Metagascar metavere and each plot of land has natural resources like Gold, Oil, Diamonds ... When you buy the NFT you own the underlying Alpha Bot completely. by Metagascar Inc All 3d files are available to download and preview on OpenSea
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