Exclusible Penthouse

Exclusible Penthouse
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Collect 5 cities before 26th June 7PM BST and you will receive an airdrop 🎁 of a Chalet in Spatial end July. Each of the Exclusible Penthouse consists of a magical 500sqm space that allows NFT enthusiasts to host online meetups and events for up to 50 guests. Collectors of these prime pieces of luxury real estate can showcase their NFT artwork portfolios on the walls and personally curate and customize their environment. With this range of 5,000 luxury penthouses, available in three color variations (quartz, ruby and obsidian), showcasing various panoramic views, including Paris, Miami, Las Vegas, Dubai and New Caledonia, we present Exclusible’s latest metaverse real estate project. Visit Exclusible Social Hub : https://spatial.io/s/Exclusible-PENTHOUSE-Community-Hub-62af0244cf4de80001162a0b?share=2877538224121845204
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