Atmos | Exordium Chapter 02

Atmos | Exordium Chapter 02
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Synopsis: Bloodied by her encounter on the planet's surface, Addy Aker awakens in shackles. Held by Emergent's cruel and corrupt Huskarls, she will find herself defended by an unlikely ally, someone willing to overlook her criminal past in their pursuit of racing glory. Series Overview: From superstar Tommy Lee Edwards (Marvel 1985, Jupiter's Legacy, Mother Panic, Turf) comes Exordium, a nine-chapter comic book series detailing the events of rookie pilot Addy Aker's inaugural season in ExoGP - a racing league in the far-off world of Atmos. Trained from birth by an off-world cult, Addy has escaped her fate and fled to Atmos, seeking to disappear into the planet's shadowy criminal underworld. Stumbling instead into the ranks of Atmos' legendary ExoGP racing league, she will find herself pitted against the most tenacious and talented pilots in the galaxy.
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