Atlas of Artificial Illness, Volume 1 - PHOBIA

Atlas of Artificial Illness, Volume 1 - PHOBIA
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The Atlas of Artificial Illness is a physician created experimental NFT project exploring the non-human depiction of human disease - as viewed from the lens of machine learning and artificial illness Volume 1 of the Atlas covers 100 of the most common phobias. ~12.5% of adults in the United States experience a specific phobia at some point in their lives Each token in the Atlas was produced in a systematic fashion. An image prompt was created based on a singular pathology/illness including the diagnosis, cardinal patient symptoms, corresponding ICD-10 code, and notable data from medical literature. 20 images were produced from the initial prompt. A number generator was then used to select one image RANDOMLY, which was then re-rolled at least 8 times until satisfactory Holding a token from Volume 1: Phobia serves as a mint pass for all future Atlas projects 20% of all project earnings will be donated to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)
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