EggEmporium's Canvases

EggEmporium's Canvases
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This collection of 1/1 nfts showcase the physical hand painted canvases. We hand painted these canvases, some with posca acrylic paint markers and others with acrylic paint. We include FREE SHIPPING on all canvases. This collection is also on opensea (matic). When you purchase of these nfts you will receive the NFT from both collections (ftm/paintswap and matic/opensea) and the physical (free shipping). These canvases have a NFC chip attached to it, allowing you to scan the canvas and view the nft and our website.Please contact us if you purchase a piece so we can ship the physical out to you!Our Email- [email protected] Social Media- @eggemporiumOur Website- (Go here if you wish to commission a painting)
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