Crazy Cados

Crazy Cados
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They're creamy, they're crazy, collect all the Cados you can! Each Cado has unique features and levels of crazy. Who doesn't love a good avocado? There's only one problem, they're evolving...soon nothing will stop them. The original owners of the first 100 Cados will be automatically entered to win a very rare vintage Cado, and a hand drawn Cado proof. Five others will be selected to receive one free Cado as a gift during the second release. Other fun community events, prizes, and giveaways will be announced during each release phase. There will be 1000 Cados in total, 100 made available per phase each month. Each Cado is custom designed to provide a unique experience for the collector. Owners will have voting rights on upgrades to the collection, to include different iterations. 10% of all sales and royalties will be donated to charity, the selected charity will be announced after the first phase so you can track our progress. Vintage numbers 1 through 10 will be sold at auction to the community once the remainder of phase 1 is sold out . Website and Community Discord information to be announced. Thanks for being part of the Cado community.
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