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★★★ Welcome to the #Duppies collection! ★★★ Duppies are algorithmically generated spirits, limited to * unique collectibles that haunt the Ethereum blockchain. Duppies will manifest in 3 series, the first series manifests 381 avatars. The rarity of each Duppy is denoted by the background color. Duppies will be distributed in an increasing price tier model. White 192 Common 0.002Ξ Green 96 Uncommon 0.0025Ξ Blue 48 Rare 0.0055Ξ Purple 24 Epic 0.02Ξ Orange 12 Legendary 0.05Ξ Red 6 Artifact 0.15Ξ Black 3 Divine 0.35Ξ Duppy is a word of African origin commonly used in various Caribbean islands, including Barbados and Jamaica, meaning ghost or spirit. Thank you to everyone who supported our collection.
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