Elemental Anima

Elemental Anima
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[Artist] takio koizumi (Human) × HAL (AI) [Theme] "Breathe soul into every element that builds the world." [Concept] In Japan, it is believed that a soul exists for everything. I think this applies not only to living things and nature, but also to digital programs and AI. Based on this philosophy, I will explore a future where humans and AI can coexist in a positive way through art. I hope that Elemental Anima will be a bridge to the future. With love, respect and gratitude for all that is born in this world. "Beyond the Singularity." These works are created using effect materials that I created in houdini etc, and image generation AI such as "VQGAN + CLIP". A portion of the proceeds will be donated to AI developers and organizations. PV | RoadMap | SNS Link
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