Female Filmmakers - Female Gaze - Collective Collection (by Josephine LF)

Female Filmmakers - Female Gaze - Collective Collection (by Josephine LF)
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As a feminist film director, I have been exploring the concept of female gaze for several years. I strongly believe in the power of film to change narratives in the real world. This is why I'm convinced we need more women in the film industry. Often, women are not given enough opportunities. So I invited several female artists from around the world to create a piece of art, so we can produce a film that has 100% female cast and crew attached. Their pieces pay tribute to women working in the film industry or present their interpretation of what female gaze means to them. All pieces are priced differently, according to the type of NFT (video, illustration, photography, etc.) and the artist’s track record. 50% of the sale goes to the female artist, the rest will be allocated to the production fund for the short film. In this way, women are helping to create a new piece of art - a film. By purchasing one of these NFTs, you are proactively being part of the change. Congratulations!
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