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12 Kakanas were precisely and uniquely designed with 12 different significances and a Pass with only 3. 1 significance = 1 reward = 1 level You need a Kakana Pass (only 2488 available) to be viable for the rewards & more. The Hidden Society is launching a token based pass with the SIG protocol binding the community with exclusive perks for holders. We are also building a special interactive way to connect with your NFTs IRL and Hidden Utility that will be announced with guidelines from the roadmap. Royalty tokens will also be airdropped to our valued members. The project has been designed for the long term and fun engagement with full transparency. Roadmap? Rewards? https://kakanahiddensociety.blogspot.com/ https://discord.gg/epRN6J9hhy Whick Kakana will reach level 12?
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