Monkey Munchy

Monkey Munchy
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Years ago, a meteorite from the planet Metia in a galaxy far, far away crashed on our world. In the midst of the ocean, a little island was formed by a falling meteorite. On this island, the authorities discovered infants who had developed differently and resembled a type of monkey in the capsule. Apes multiplied throughout time as their understanding of life grew, and they formed an existence of their own. Monkey Munchy desires to communicate with those who live on the same planet as them. Before a real visit, the island will meet individuals in a metaverse. This metaverse will be finished shortly, and you will be able to visit Metia Island virtually with your own avatar that looks just like you. You will get the opportunity to interact with the Metia monkeys and other guests on the island. You may also enter this virtual world as a Metia monkey, which can be owned by 9999 unique individuals. You only need to purchase a Metia monkey NFT.
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