Rulyapa By Ishmael Marika

Rulyapa By Ishmael Marika
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Ishmael Marika’s initial NFT series consists of hand drawn generative animations depicting the temporal states of the sacred Rirratjingu saltwater Rulyapa. "I am singing the songline and animating the sacred design, Rulyapa. Rulyapa is the Rirratjiŋu moṉuk gapu (saltwater) between Yirrkala and Gutjaŋan (Bremer Island). In this artwork the Rulyapa is rough, representing the angry feelings of people. When Rulyapa is calm Gupadiku (seasnake) sleeps on the bottom of the sea but when Rulyapa gets too rough it wakes Gupadiku and it rises to the surface and gets angry and can hurt with fire. When there are arguments in our families we remind each other of the songlines of Rulyapa, to stand still like Mururruma (the sacred rock) and not be affected by the angry waves." Ishmael Marika is a young Rirratjingu clan leader, film maker, and award winning Yolŋu digital artist. Ishmael has exhibited at major institutions and galleries throughout the world.
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