Taylor Rapp- Year of the Ox Collection

Taylor Rapp- Year of the Ox Collection
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The Taylor Rapp-Year of the Ox Collection pays homage to Taylor's Chinese roots and Chinese Zodiac, the Ox, with six limited edition NFT's all digitally hand signed by Taylor. Each named after their own special Chinese Ox proverb. The most prized possession of the drop will be a RARE 1-of-1 Taylor Rapp-Change The World "digital painting", featuring his favorite Chinese proverb and Ox tattoo his grandpa hand-painted. The lucky winner of this NFT will win a meet and greet with Taylor, tickets to a game, signed jersey, signed game worn gloves, signed game worn cleats, and a signed football! 牛转乾坤-Change The World (1-of-1) 财运犇腾-Tsunami Of Wealth (7 editions) 金牛报喜-Golden Ox Brings Happiness (10 editions) 健壮如牛-Strong As An Ox (24 editions) 牛气冲天-Your Spirit Soaring (24 editions) 好运犇放-Unchained Good Fortune (24 editions) Each card and edition has its own auction, sold to the highest bidder. All auctions will open Thursday, April 1st at 6PM (PT) and end April 4th at 11:59PM (PT).
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