Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I own a DigiRock, but I don't have premium access

If you just bought a DigiRock it may take up to 20 minutes for NiftyRiver to identify that you own one. If you've waited that long and you still do not have premium access, please join our discord and post in the #help channel so that we can identify the issue. For more information on premium access visit

Q: Can I request rarity for a new project?

Yes! We try and calculate rarity automatically for all big releases, but if there is a project we don't have, feel free to follow the steps laid out here

Q: Why does NiftyRiver want to connect with my MetaMask?

We need to use your ETH address to tell if you have access to our premium features (Whether you own a DigiRock or CryptoFreak NFT). We also save your ETH address so that you can log in to your account without needing a username/password

Q: What is the Bottom Feeder discord role and how can I get it?

Anyone with the Bottom Feeder role will be pinged whenever a projects starts selling or getting minted like crazy. In order to get this role, you need to be a Premium user, and you need to verify yourself in our discord (join the discord for instructions). Once you do that, you can head over to #roles channel and select the roles that you want to give yourself

Q: What is the Premium role and how can I get it?

The Premium role is reserved for users who have premium access to NiftyRiver. If you have premium access, join our discord and head over to the #bot-commands channel and run the /verify slash command. The Nifty Checker bot will DM you and you will be asked to go to the NiftyRiver website for verification.

Q: How is rarity calculated?

You can find more details on our rarity algorithm here

Q: How often is rarity updated?

Rarity for newly minted tokens is fetched every 24 hours. If you are a premium user, you can click the refresh button on a rarity page to manually trigger an update (once every 30 minutes). If metadata for a token that we have already calculated rarity on changes, we will not automatically update it. If you see incorrect metadata please let us know immediately.

Q: How do I participate in NiftyRiver giveaways?

You need to be a verified user in our discord to see the giveaways channel. Being verified just means you've connected your discord account to your niftyriver account. Go to the #bot-commands channel and type /verify to get started.

Q: I won a free spin in discord, what is it?

Spins are used to mint Bottom Feeder NFTs. If you have a free spin available, join our discord and go to #bot-commands channel and type the !spin command. A Bottom Feeder will be automatically minted to your account! You can use the !spins command to see how many spins you have available.

Q: What does POTENTIAL SCAM mean on the mints page?

This warning tag is automatically placed on projects that have minting patterns that mimic known scam projects. So the warning tag does not necessarily mean that a project is a scam, but it indicates that you should probably double check and make sure that it is the real deal.