How do I add a project?
All you need to do to get a project added is join our discord and ask for it in the #add-project channel. As long as the project is on a supported blockchain and is something that makes sense to be added, we will add it.
How long does it take to be added?
Once an admin has acknowledged your request, it should take less than 10 minutes for rarity to show up. At this point it will be available on the site, through our OpenSea chrome extension and through the discord bot.
How much does it cost to add a project?
Right now the cost for adding a project is FREE, so ask away!
Rarity Bot
Rarity Discord Bot
Add this bot to your server so that users can check the rarity of their collection without leaving discord!

Note that if you want this bot to have your collection set as the default in your server you will need to speak with a NiftyRiver discord admin